By Peter on January 14, 2008 11:40 AM | | Comments (3)

My computer crashed christmas day and along with other changes that seemed to come all at once...I am convinced that this is truly the year of "new beginnings". I lost everything on the harddrive and though I have been complaining ever seems to be for the best.

The band and I played some shows this weekend. We played a radio show and a party in Goshen, IN. And then we became the replacement for Breathe Owl breathe at the NEST lastnight. Tons of people came out...adn maybe with a little grumble ...watched us instead. I had a lot of fun and everyone was attentive...thanking you.

(2 photos taken from newworldartsphotostream)


hey, hope you don't mind but i put up a recording from last night along with one of chad's camping photos on my blog. yep. good show peter, really good.

Great job at New World Arts this weekend man. I took a ton of compliments on your guy's behalf.

I put the concert up in the podcast.

I have a user name...are you talking about why my blog isn't on g-rad? i'm not sure really. i started my blog when i was out at mt. rainier though, so that's probably why. but i guess i'd also feel kind of weird asking for one on here. oh, and no, i did not record the whole show, probably 5 or 6 songs though.