By Peter on February 21, 2008 5:42 PM | | Comments (2)

(2/3 of CRYPTACIZE not photographed. 1/2 of the photo contains Patrick.)
Our Bay area friend/heroes, CRYPTACIZE, have included us on their "friends" mix curated for the asthmatic kitty radio show in celebration of their new album, Dig That Treasure. Check it! It took the post-tour/post-knee surgery blues right out of my brother and I. They're coming to a city near you!!!


Hey Peter,

I was just catching up on your blog here. you always have some pretty cool pictures, and man, that show in four friends was amazing. yep. so good job. also, i've had a difficult time listening to the EP, basically the only place in our house that can play it is aaron's 6 year old dell desktop. but it's cool.


Like Grand Rapids?!