tour finish

By Peter on March 4, 2008 11:51 PM | | Comments (1)

The Ribbons of Song tour was a success! Ben, Erica, and I jammed out and vibed on some serious level that shouldn't be explained or pursued in written form. OH MAN! Thankyou to all the midewestern people we met and were nurtured by...a real mishmash of venues/houses/galleries. Truly, a pleasure.

I will be posting photos of the trip that I took with my high school 35mm film SLR...something that I am really excited about because of the LOOK..the FEEL...of (cotton)film. Even with all the scratches from the CVS one hour photo lab...and the dust and dirt from my scanner....they still have tons more depth and reality than that modern DIGITAL thing offers.

I hope to have news of more tours soon....EUROPE IS ON MY MIND....Also, the NORTHWEST....I need it.



ah yes, film. i've been meaning to take a roll in to get developed for probably 4 months now. maybe today's the day. it's been a long time since i've shot regularly with film. just a year ago i only shot film...hmmmmm. have you ever done any cross processed stuff? i went in on a bulk package of Kodak Ektachrome with Will K a few years back, 40 rolls for 60 bucks shipped, so it was super cheap overall. would you be interested in splitting a package like that on ebay?