By Peter on April 6, 2008 2:31 PM | | Comments (3)

We have thrown together a touring band and hope to drive to Florida and back...we're still trying to book it up....If you have ideas for venues/kind house shows/parking lots...please email.

We like to play:

Tentative schedule:

June 15th: to BMORE

June 16th: Charlottesville, VA

June 17th: Chapel Hill, NC-

June 18th: Greensboro, NC

June 19th: Athens, GA

June 20th: Gainesville, FL

June 21st: Orlando, FL

June 22nd: Tampa, FL

June 23rd: Lakeland, FL

June 24th: Atlanta, GA

June 25th: Knoxville, TN

June 26th: Lexington, KY

June 27th: Pittsburgh, PA

June 28th: Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio w/ City Center, Nat Baldwin

June 29th: Philadelphia, PA

June 30th: Baltimore, MD

July 1st: Grand Rapids, MI

Thanks and talk soon!!


charlottesville: better than television (infoshop)
greensboro: i'll scope it out for you this weekend
atlanta: the drunken unicorn (bar)

mary eleanor wallace | April 29, 2008 2:44 AM

birmingham AL bottletree cafe. you should add it to your stops. 2 hours west of atlanta. first alabama venue to get great acts. there is a airstream out back that the bands get to hang out in/sleep in etc. highly recommended. here is the website

If you guys are still looking for a place in Orlando, I recommend Redlight Redlight. Its a small bar with a great selection of beers. Check it out here:


For booking, you'll need to contact: