By Peter on September 10, 2008 9:30 PM | | Comments (0)

The past few weeks have consisted of a series of relaxed events. My brother has married a lovely girl, I spent a week with my friend, Andrew, and now I am in San Francisco using the bus system to explore the many parts of the city. Nothing in the trip has disappointed or lacked all that I had anticipated. I generally have high expectations for what amounts to normal or mediocre events. I do not think that this trip has been that much different from the others I have taken. All of my travels have moved me. Generally, everyday contains experiences that allow me to move outside my body for a few breathes while at other times I feel tired and bored.

My revelation has been that desiring those moments of transcendence, or whatever you want to call it, depends to a great degree on an ability to forgive the body for limiting the mind. And I don't mean to say that all of these revelations are physical in nature, but instead that reaching a certain tranquility depends on attitude and acceptance of limitation. I am not invincible. I don't know everything. My opinions are not all encompassing. Walking around each day will be taxing on my body. Going to sleep or lying down is always more enjoyable than work. Eating costs money. ETC.

I am finding that the list of limitations is getting longer, but I don't really believe in them. I'm learning to not blame myself for having them while still attempting to defy them. Somehow I think there is just as much joy in being defeated by them as there is in defeating them...or maybe just as much life.