BENJAMIN J. SCHAAFSMA (September 7, 1982 - October 25, 2008)

By Peter on October 27, 2008 4:49 PM | | Comments (1)

The day Ben died, I walked to the harbour. The day after he died, I walked to the top of Mt.Eden/Maungawhau with the intent to think of him and read a few things aloud.

There were tourists at the top of the dormant volcano...laughing loudly and listening to their tour guides. "Somewhere at the bottom of the hill...there is a large stone. After battles, they'd lay the bodies of their dead or the enemies dead upon it", I wasn't close enough to make out which.

As I went to read aloud, I felt indulgent and embarrassed.

"My back is wet from ass is wet from the moisture on the ground." I couldn't help but dwell on my inability to be taken over by some great feeling...some great peace...some great grief. And I realize that this is it...the wet ass, the people laughing, the weight of my body as I walked up the hill, the stupid moment when I tried to read and heard my voice. The everyday. Thankyou, Ben.


peter. i use to call my computer wet ass. i miss you man. im posting this here because i immediately thought of you when i found out what happened to ben. really without ben i probably wouldnt have met you and a lot of other people. hope you are well. bless you friend.