By Peter on August 1, 2009 11:00 AM | | Comments (4)

CAINS AND ABELS- "WARM ROCK" from Peter J Brant on Vimeo.

I made a video for longtime friends, Cains and Abels. They're newest album, "Call Me Up", came out on States Rights Records this year and is definitely worth picking up.

Many many many thanks to Veronica and Caitlyn for jumping at my command!


Justin Gray | August 3, 2009 9:23 PM

That's really good! And it's to my favorite song off the album so far.

this is beautiful.

the detail shots of fabric moving. holy smokes.
good work dear pjb.

This reminds me of the Canadian stop motion Carl Plant... showed us all the time -the fight over the dandelion. I like how you expanded on the motion of your previous birdman video. Stop motion can be really ethereal sometimes. BTW is this still Auckland? Is there a cornucopia of old walls there, or is this a irregularity?

What a gorgeous video! It went really well with the song by Cains and Abels — which I loved. Thanks for turning me on to them.
Will you be participating in ArtPrize? I'll be in GR to show my work and wanted to meet as many artists as I can while I'm there.