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Portland, MAINE and Boston

By Peter on October 24, 2007 2:20 PM | | Comments (2)

So, we arrived in Portland midday and it was pouring down rain. It turned out that both pairs of shoes I brought are completely and unquestionably not waterproof. I walked around for about ten minutes and realized there are holes in the bottom of my main pair. We ducked into the public library and stayed there for a few hours. Later, we went to a fish and chips place that served the food on plastic plates and there were picnic tables inside. We then went and played a show at Strange Maine records with three noise/sound artists. We were definitely the odd band out.

After the show we decided to head to Boston early and sleep there. I kind of regret doing this for two reasons...first, we followed one of the other bands to Boston without directions and he drove about 95 miles per hour the entire ride back...even after we called and asked him to slow a little. Second, we weren't able to see Portland at all really....and we didn't see the water either! The next day was really beautiful too. It was a poor choice on our part.

We had a few days in Boston and we spent the majority of it in Cambridge. The first day, we walked around Harvard was busy and touristy. It also happened to be the first time that David and I realized we needed some time seperate from one another. I'm not sure what he did...probably visited the brothels of Harvard, but I went and sat in a park. It was very relaxing and necessary. You know, "alone time".
Our show was great and well-attended. The next day we were invited to a potluck and were fed well. I assumed to find a bigtown fragmented community...instead, it was very warm and comforting.

Toronto and Montreal

By Peter on October 16, 2007 4:44 PM | | Comments (1)

Early the next day, we repacked the car to conceal our amps a little bit in preparation to cross the border into Canada. I have been really nervous about the crossing the entire time. My mom gave me the talent of constant worry. Anything can set it off and once that cause is solved or overcome a new worry replaces it quickly. It is a sickness or should be. Anyway, so we had heard every possible story from extremely easy to impossibly heart-breaking. So, I assumed the worst.

Fortunately, the worry that I experience is rarely met with the reality of my fears, this time included. We drove further north than our directions told us to in order to see Niagara Falls. I think it had something to do with our crossing at a border crossing packed with cars full of tourists that helped us. It was only a matter of seconds before we were over the border.

Our entire Canada experience was accompanied by rain, which made it hard to look around, but we made due in Toronto with the extra time we had before the show to go see "No end in sight" at a theatre and eat Indian food. The show was small and fun. We ended up staying up to late and it led to a really tedious drive to Montreal.

Le Cagibi and the surrounding neighborhood is one of the most beautiful places I have seen in a while...even with the rain. All vegetarian food. The coal choir opened our show...a twenty-person choir following piano-driven songs with sparse percussion and back up instruments. David and I in our two person smallness still did all right, but we both felt that the night was completed without us playing, which is actually a really great feeling.


* 1st..Grand Rapids @ NEST w/ Ben and Bruno --
* 2nd...ann arbor, MI...@shelly's house...526 Detroit St
* 3rd...g.r.
* 4th...chicago
* 5th...chicago, IL...Rowley and Michelle's backyard...1746 w 35th
* 7th...cleveland, OH...HOUSE SHOW...254 West Elm, Kent OH...
* 8th...pittsburgh, PA...@the Union Project (801 N Negley Ave, Pittsburgh, PA). 7pm
* 9th...pittsburgh
* 10th...Toronto...TRANZAC w/ Alex Luchachevsky, Isla Craig
* 11th...Montreal...Le cagibi w/ the coal choir
* 12th...portland, maine @strange maine records...
* @Nadav's house... with Spider, southeast engine
* 14th...lawrence, MA
* 15th...lawrence, MA
* 16th...north adams, MA...HOUSE SHOW...141 river st.
* @steve's house
* 20th...baltimore, MD...@LO-FI SOCIAL CLUB 1825 N. CHARLES STREET...
* york, NY
* york, NY....@sound fix records w/ sam "the buck" Roesen...
* 23rd...Philly house show...jeremy's
* 24th...Raliegh, NC...@ACRe Space 2419 Mayview St
* 25th...
* 26th......Greensboro,NC @ 2 ArtChicks...609 S Elm St...
* 27th....Baltimore,MD @ Bob's house...3200 westerwald ave..
* 28th....TRAVEL
* 29th?...bloomington,IN@ the Cinemat... walnut and 4th
* 30th...Indianapolis, IN @ Broadripple LUNA...6pm... free
* 31st...Indianapolis, IN @ Harrison arts center...with crypticize, deertick, and castanets

Pittsburgh, PA

By Peter on October 12, 2007 5:37 PM | | Comments (3)

Pittsburgh punched me in the a good way. We drove in...and I forgot that Israel was going to be visiting the city at the same time. He lived there, he showed us around, along with a myriad of his old city friends. We did some tourist stuff and laid around and then played a show at the Union Project, which is a gorgeous community center. Our friends were kind enough to let us stay another night at their apartment. We spent the day looking at records and watching episodes of "the Office." The community in Pittsburgh reminds me a lot of Grand Rapids. People took us in.

family reunion

By Peter on October 9, 2007 10:17 AM | | Comments (4)

We arrived in Chicago, IL and immediately met up with our sister, Caitlin. We took naps in her dorm room while some sort of eastern European cement workers mended the side of the building outside. They seemed to be having fun and sometimes...they would yell. Since we aren't allowed to stay in Caitlin's dorm room over night, our good friends Israel, Danny, and Erica put us up for the two nights we were there. Also, they lent us bikes, which makes for the best possible Chicago visit.

Our backyard show at Rowley and Michelle's apartment on the Southside went off without a hitch (except for a busted toilet, cut up countertop in the kitchen, scratched records from a failed vinyl dance party, and a backyard littered with beer cans and cigarette butts). Cains and Abels also played and with the combination...I think it turned out to be a pretty stellar night.

The next morning we got up early in order to meet our cousins and drive to Lakeside, OH for a reunion of our mother's side of the family. We arrived after a sweaty five-hour drive and went immediately to the scrap booking table. Oh! Boy oh boy, did I make a great scrapbook page. It consisted of photos of my grand parents holding me when I was very young and beside the photos was written in cute lettering, "Franny, Dicky, and Petricia." These are all nicknames that my grandmother has come up for her husband and I over the years. Almost every time she comes up to me to give a hug she says, "Oh, Petricia."

The festivities continued throughout the night...we ate dinner at a large table rented at a restaurant that was shaped like an "X," which separated the party into a four faction enterprise...not the best possible setup for conversation. We made due. Then, we returned to the hotel in order to receive a presentation on the family's genealogy as well as take a rather confusing quiz on the historical figures in the family tree. Next, we arranged a tournament with a game called "bags" that our aunt invented. It consists of throwing sewn together bags with smiley faces into a cardboard box with a hole cut into it that also has smiley faces glued to it. Lastly, some of the younger cakes walked downtown to the pier while playing a rather rowdy game of kick the can and then sat and discussed astrology, navigation on water, and general bird dropping banter.

The one night reunion ended the next day with a small gathering at breakfast where we read bible verses and said our "goodbyes." David and I then headed out for the great and bustling town of Kent, OH. On the way, we stopped in Cleveland, which on a Sunday seemed to be a ghost town. We searched for a place to eat for a little while, but ended up only finding coffee. Once in Kent, we ate lunch and drew a little next to a railroad track. Our show was small, but pleasant. We played in a backyard where supposedly at one point a lawnmower was burned as part of a bonfire not by the current tenants, luckily. This morning we woke up and after two episodes of the O.C. realized that both my brother and I had missed a wonderful opportunity to build community around and become obsessed with the lives of fictional characters living in the bourgeoisie California. Television is to us shut-ins, as sweet candy and cigarettes are to a home-schooled boy or girl.


By Peter on October 2, 2007 2:05 PM | | Comments (3)

So, we are in the last stages of setting up for this tour. It is finally coming together and we can start to focus on playing shows....not setting up shows. Thanks a lot to everyone who helped.

Yesterday, on the way to Ann Arbor, we stopped for some gas at the flying J gas station. We were in no hurry. So, we decided to take a look around their fine shop. We found a fine foods restaraunt and and were notified over a loud speaker that remote control helicopters were only $19.99! We also found a couple shelves of porcelin figurines. We immediately started rearranging them. The results were truly a success.