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October abbreviated

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So, I have been out for the count. I was carried to the hospital and cut before I could rap up the tour in individual blog form. So, I have decided to do a quick summary in one blog and a photo collage of the events. This is not a "DIS" to those in the last dates of the tour. No, instead you are a hero...a mighty element applying your identity to a GREATER BRONZE FLOAT EAST TOUR RECAP!!!!


Lancaster, PA: David's friends and our cousin, Brant Schuller, put up with us for 3 days.
Baltimore, MD: We didn't really fit the bill at this show. Megan Downey walked us around. A True buttercup...that one.
Brooklyn, NY: John Autry, VJC, and Patrick Lelli taught us the land. Brooklyn has too many bands and too little interest....especially immediately after CMJ.
Philedelpia, PA: Anna and Ryan put us up. It was rainy and we got kicked out of a free Werner Herzog lecture.
Raleigh, NC: canceled to go to the free Wener Herzog lecture that we got kicked out of. oops. we promise to return someday.
Greensboro, NC: Chris Thomas showed us the town....rainy again. Beautiful people. Beautiful Food.
Baltimore, MD: Return visit! Bob and Adrian made us hummus and veggie sandwiches...I got two. The show had 500 bands playing, but it never got old. SWEET SWEET!
Bloomington, IN: FRIENDS!!!!! Les Vollmars put on a house show with class and honor that would make even a knight of great valor, hiccup and say, "wootwoot!"
Indianapolis, IN: Two shows. One instore at LUNA music. A record store I've been going to for some time. Nice fellas. The second, a scantilly attended Asthmatic kitty sponsored shwo with old Deer Tic and CRYPTACIZE and new friends, The Castanets. Real good people. Thanks for adding us, Michael.

So, that's it! Nothing else to report about that tour. We have printed first color of the newest batch of David's album. So soon we'll be well stocked for distro and online saleeees. Keep an eye out for too...but don't strain yourself.

Since the tour I have been in Indianapolis, IN. I didn't have an accident or anything...I had a scheduled operation to take a chunk of floating bone out of my knee. I went in. Almost fainted when they put the IV in. Then I went to bed. I sat on a couch and watched movies and "highed" on vicotin. Then I went off vicotin and hurt. Now I am getting close to being normal. Anyway. This is what was in my knee:


Lawrence, MA and North Adams

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After Cambridge, I tricked my old friends...steph and put us up at their community house in Lawrence, MA. We spent two days eating their food, drinking their beer, and going for one of the best walks ever recorded in history. After our stay there we headed to North Adams, MA to experience the oddity, MassMoCa or Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. This place exists in a tiny town on the northwest corner of the state and it is amazing. It is an old mill building converted into to gallery space. We played at the house where all the interns from the museum the suggestion Ben Schaafsma. It turned out to be pretty great. It turns out interns need some excitement...and though we weren't able to bring much of it as a musical group.... they used us as a good excuse to throw a party.

The next day, we were able to sneak into a performance by an x-National football league player, who now is a performer in a band that highlights black history in relation to cowboys. Some of the songs sounded a little made up, but they definitely were uplifting. They also kind of had a little more sexual innuendo than I expected. For Instance, he meets a dark Spanish lady in Mexico (?) and asks her to only call him "darling" because he will only be there for one night. Wonderful writing. Appropriate with 500 middle schoolers? SURE!