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By Peter on January 26, 2008 7:45 PM | | Comments (1)

(photo by erika)
I have been doing a poor job of promoting shows. Not that this is a new, i have been worse at it. One worthless excuse is that we were notified of the shows one week in advance. The first show was at the NEST...we played in substitution of Breathe Owl Breathe. Micah was sick and so we took off our "sweats," did a couple knee-highs, and struggled through a clanky set that seemed to go over well.

The second show was at Four Friend's coffeehouse. This was truly a magical night! We played with glow sticks and whirling sound tubes. We turned out all the lights and imitated the sounds of animals!!! Oh WOW! Come next time, guys. You won't regret it.

(photo by erika)


By Peter on January 14, 2008 11:40 AM | | Comments (3)

My computer crashed christmas day and along with other changes that seemed to come all at once...I am convinced that this is truly the year of "new beginnings". I lost everything on the harddrive and though I have been complaining ever seems to be for the best.

The band and I played some shows this weekend. We played a radio show and a party in Goshen, IN. And then we became the replacement for Breathe Owl breathe at the NEST lastnight. Tons of people came out...adn maybe with a little grumble ...watched us instead. I had a lot of fun and everyone was attentive...thanking you.

(2 photos taken from newworldartsphotostream)