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SEPTEMBER 10, 2005 4:14 PM

As promised in my entry about my Oma and Poppey, I have photographed and transcribed a love letter between them that was written in Oct. of 1942. The letter was written by Poppey to my Oma. He was going to graduate school at Indiana University and she was living with her parents in New Jersey.

Tues. 10/13/1942

My Dearest Wimp

How are you to-nite Honey? Just awondering as usual – ‘tis 10:30 here + I’m all P.J.’s washed up for bit of a date – ‘Course there is studying to be did – more problems in stereo – but mertz! They can wait – but my Jo can’t – So here I is Jo – Left for home about 9:30 – P.J.’s – ‘n washed – I plucked some whiskers – of late I’ve been bothered with hairs developing pus sacs – little ones you know – so my face has several blotches – ‘tis rather annoying- want pull ‘em out for me Jo! – bet you’d enjoy that – and Jo – I smiled so – the anthology arrived too – hadn’t expected that! But ‘tis nice – looked at it a bit too – thanks for sending it Hon – xx – Also had a card from my dad – P.S. and I had an apple – so came date time – know what honey? Had such a nice surprise to-day – yup, I walked into the office at 10 bells without much hope (like usual on Tues.) and there was a mail mail for me – and such a super nice letter too honey – I enjoyed it so very much – so many thanks to you for it – wish I could give you a real ‘tut’ for it Jo – xx – collect December? So I skipped seminar in order to read my letter – and also do a bit of studying for the test at 11 – It wasn’t too bad and I think I got most of it – here’s hoping – Had a bit of bad luck this aft. Though – Shorne announced that we are to have a test [pg. 2] next week Thurs! darn the luck – just when I want to go home too – But I must see him on the morrow about my thesis and new problem – so guess I’ll ask him at the same time if I can take the test Wed. instead – here’s hoping. From 4 until supper time I made the final adjustments on my thesis – now if Doc approves it can be typed – After supper spent a few hours in the library – reading up on a few things connected with my new problem – hope to learn details in the A.M. Our Fellowship meetings have been going freat of late – real good discussions and the like and practically every meeting brings a new person – to-nite we had the grand total of 19 people there – and only last Mon. we started with 5 of us – isn’t that swell though – It’s really improved a lot since last year – a better hour and meet and more time to discuss ---- Jo honey – that’s been my day at IU – means 3 are gone in this week already – wonderful?
Now for your letter Jo – and I’ll answer a bit of it – you visit to these Keyser’s sounded very interesting – and even if it did break a date up, I’m glad you went Jo – for seems you had quite a good time – Surely was a sad case with their son – which is a re-minder of the uncertainties of life – not? Which is all the more reason we should live by the day and trust in God and His providence to lead our lives in the right way – Not that [pg. 3] we should anticipate an event similar to theirs – but we should trust – and all will work for the best.
I smiled at C.P.’s latest promise – here’s hoping for the best – Does it really look as though he’s about to get his real estate? Isn’t much said? I sort of smile too – tp think back to this summer and how we discussed him so much and so often – and now hardly ever mention him – Could it be he is behaving better? Hope so –
But Jo – back to our Sat. nite date – I got a kick out of your day – so much like you! Decide to go to Char’s and off you go – then to Patterson – and lo and behold! Silver – wood! Surely was glad to hear you could pick up the rest of the pieces – I’ve been thinking about the service for 12 though – since it’s so har to get now maybe we could just as well wait – not? I’ll leave it up to your discretion – But your day again Jo – Ar you a bit impulsive at times – or no? – But darling – I love you just the way you are – so never change, huh? – and keep loving me all the time too – I ned you and your love so very much – and never hope to survive without it – when our life will begin it will be such a wonderful event and life will be so liveable with you in every day of it – And I hope to be able to show you every day that I do love you and only you. Always – oh good wifey dear – I’m so eager – xx – mmm! But for a real one – x –[pg. 4] and just what do you and Bette always chat about? – if I may ask – x. Thanks for the Wynbeck greetings Jo – tough Char hasn’t recovered completely yet – hope you extended my greetings to then - --- Do you mind if I smile at how this dressing for the office seems to bother you a bit? My, my – why worry how the others dress? You always have looked pretty chic to me – I really can’t see much sense in wearing real good stuff to work every day – or am I just an old fogey?
Your gift suggestion for Syb sounds O.K. Honey – if it isn’t too ‘spensive – Was it $2 for cuff links – or $1? – If $1 for them, plus one for the clip it’d be O.K. – Shall I check up next week on his stock ? –
I enjoyed reading your remarks on the 10th and in anticipation of Nov. 10th – How we’ve been blessed – ‘tis so true Jo – and I’m glad we both realize it and feel as we do – so grateful and all – If only we always maintain such an attitude – I’m sure all will be well – Smiled at how you guessed I went for a walk Sun. aft – seems we both broke on dates – not? But your weather was so more perfect than ours – and it seem to have been the same in Mich. For dad wrote of their taking a drive north of G.R. to Newaygo and how beautiful it was there too. - - - Oh! Oh! I’m partly scheduled for to-nite at 246? With these lunch eating gals of your coming up? – oh well – I suppose [pg. 5] life requires a few of those now and then – Now didn’t I tell you? If I get something for my dad’s b-day it will be from us? I can’t do things alone anymore Jo – didn’t you know? ‘Twould be nice if you sent him a card – but I’ll get sumpin’ from us – O.K.?
But darling – ‘tis 11:30 already – and time for bed – what no studying? Nope! In your letter you were just leaving for Keyser’s – O.K. do I answer the rest to-morrow? – for now expect a letter then – sleep tight my sweet. I’m still dreaming – and seems as though every time I’m ready for bed I get a queer little tug inside me – and I wish I could be snuggling up to you –
G’nite my darling –
So much love –
Your Bud xxxxxxx

G’morning Honey x – mind if I give you a test in the morning? Collect next, yea huh? ‘n we can have 2 instead of 1! Oh my! – such fun – Wed. morning already Jo – most 1/2 the wekk gone – how time flies! And by the time you read this it’ll be Fri. and your week finished – How I’d love a week-end with you! Only some 7 more months and we can! --- and to-nite we have our first concert – sweet Jo – bet I’ll be thinking of you muchly – wishin’ you were there [pg. 6] sitting next to me – shall we hold hands? – next year huh? God! It’ll be fun – just you and me __________________ But Jo – I must dress and on to school – ‘tis 7:15 already, means you’re most at work – sigh – Bye now my darling – thinking of you muchly –
With so much love –
Yours always,
Bud xxxx

wow. i love the writing style. it's honest, quaint and full.

kevin | September 11, 2005 5:31 PM


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