NOVEMBER 26, 2005 10:25 PM

Sometime last year I was e-mailed by one of the Senior Planners at the Grand Valley Metro Council [GVMC], asking if I would be interested in helping them survey ideal locations in Grand Rapids. These measurements would then be used in their Form Based Code Study.

Last week, while riding the number 6 bus, a familar face got on - Jay Hoekstra, Senior Planner for GVMC and also the father of Ben Hoesktra aka Anaphase. He informed me that the Form Based Code Study was finished, and that I was actually acknowledged on the front of study. .

The study was created as set of guidlines to create more walkable communities in West Michigan. Jay tried to explain to me on the bus exactly how these new zoning laws would be enacted. Apparently, it is up to individual neighborhoods or districts [i.e. Eastown, SECA, etc] to use the guidelines - which do away with conventional zoning methods [i.e. the Family Dollar on the corner of Wealthy and Fuller, why is there such a huge parking lot in front when the rest of buildings are only 9 ft. from the street].

You can read more about the study by going to

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NOVEMBER 23, 2005 1:55 PM

This is Ida,my cat. Her new favorite thing is to watch the snow. She acts like maybe they are birds, or bugs and somtimes makes this cackling noise.

I am having a really hard time getting this new template to work.

But soon, it will work as it is supposed to, hopefully.

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NOVEMBER 1, 2005 1:16 PM

My last visit New York City [in August] was a disaster. On the train ride from Grand Rapids to Chicago I somehow lost my debit card. So when I arrived at Union Station I had no cash, no way of getting cash = no way of taking the "L" where I need to go.

So I walked from Union Station all the way to Wicker Park = way far! Then sat outside a church using someone's wireless [see: 007].

That evening I then got on the train with my cousin, who lent me some money for the trip. I then transferred money into her checking account. Everything is all good, right?!

Skip a few days. My last day in New York, heading from Bushwick [Brooklyn] to Penn Station I decided to stop at the MoMA. Upon arrival I checked my pockets to buy a ticket in; pocket = empty. My cousin is nowhere to get a hold of, I have no cash/debit card. Just a train ticket home on 26 hour train ride.

I sat outside the museum for a while, on my laptop trying to get a hold of someone via email or IM. no luck. So I decided to wait near the garbage can outside, waiting for someone to throw there ticket stub in the trash, so I could then use it to gain entry. First person to walk out the door -- TOSS! = AWESOME!

I spent the afternoon watching videos in the New Acquisition section. I was inspired.

I went outside, sat on the ground, opened my laptop - hopped on some free wireless. GoogleInfo station is now in effect.

I made a little sign.

No one talked to me, except for some guy interviewing people about realtionships gone bad and weight gain for an XL radio show.

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