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JANUARY 30, 2006 10:09 PM

With the news of so many businesses closing, specifically things that have had existed 'as long as I can remember,' I'm getting all nostalgic.

Emma, who knows my infatuation with the Snowflake Motel, snipped an article out of the Grand Rapids Press the other day. The article informed that the Snowflake Motel was to be destroyed after years of under-use.

The motel was located on the Red Arrow Highway, which was once a thriving corridor connecting W. Michigan with Chicago. As a kid, on trips to Indiana and Chicago, my dad would take this leg of ye olde Red Arrow Highway to catch a glimpse of the infamous, Wrightian building centered around a geodesic dome, as well as 'Papa Nose' used car dealership [more on this later].

The motel was build by William Wesley Peters who was married to Frank Lloyd Wright's step-daughter. Wright's step-daughter died young and Peters went on to marry the daughter of Josef Stalin.

what a commie!

kevin | January 31, 2006 12:58 AM

we talked about this in my class. How do you feel about it.

I know that sometimes it takes time to see that a design or idea is good, but I am also wondering if sometimes, time can help deflate the hype too.

We looked at a bunch of info that annamarie found on the fallensnowflake.com or something. It looked really crappy but I couldn't tell if it was crappy or if it had just been neglected.

anthony | January 31, 2006 12:57 PM

I actually worked there from April 1996 to the end of that year. Even though I cant believe I did. Anyway, I am a native from Stevensville. A couple in their 60's were owning it at the time I was hired. I worked 3rd shift desk clerk. After my first month or so, they sold to most likly the owners now. It was a fun job nontheless, and was treated well. There were times when the other hotels were full and we would get the spillage. It was a like it or repulsed by it thing. I have had guests enjoy the stay and others came back to the desk 5 minutes after I gave them the keys saying no way. Unfortunately, since Mr. Wright did not design it himself apparently, it has no value to investors. Yes, it is sad to see it go.

Ray Phipps | July 26, 2006 3:50 PM


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