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SEPTEMBER 9, 2006 2:26 PM

9 Sept 2006 - Chicago, IL
I spent a good three hours last night visiting the gallery openings in the West Loop - it was the first event of the fall season for many of the galleries. This was also my first time in many of these galleries. To say the least, I was underwhelmed by the lack of variety. Rather than be negative and talk about what I didn't like - I will share my favorite work and work things out.

Wendy Cooper, located at 119 N Peoria, had a very purposeful exhibition in their Project Room, curated by John McKinnon. Four objects, very aesthetically different from each other - ranging from a print out of an email, documentation of a project, a painting and a video.

McKinnon's curatorial statement is available here in which he explains ways in which objects can operate within the realms of what Nicolas Bourriaud describes as Relational Aesthetics.


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