NOVEMBER 21, 2006 2:01 AM

Cobra. 40 oz. Blue line, towards O'Hare. 11:48 pm.
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NOVEMBER 14, 2006 8:07 PM

We here at CfWTO have been contemplating and thinking in ciricles regarding Chris Gilbert's resignation from the Berkeley Art Museum's Matrix Center.

Chris Gilbert was the curator [or "organizer," as he would like to be known] of the Matrix Center at BAM. Gilbert resigned, specifically, over an argument regarding the wall text that was to accompany the exhibition entitled Now Time Venezula Part 1: Media Along the Path of the Bolivarian Process. Per Gilbert, the exhibit directly empathized with the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuala led by Hugo Chavez. Gilbert asserted that the wall text include 'in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution,' but this seemed too overt for the museum. After the museum's refusal, he drafted a resignation letter [which can be read at MetaMute, as well as comment and reaction].

The museum ended up retaining Gilbert's originally intended wording, yet he maintained his resignation and bought a one-way ticket to Venezuala, where he is apparently teaching English [ironically a tool of the economic/cultural hegemony that the Bolivarian Revolution directly contests]. Don't misundstand my position - I think I sympathize with Gilbert.

Now the questions regarding this action abound. What is the role of a public insititution [ie Universtiy of Berkeley's Art Museum] in presenting information, art, etc? Was the museum in the right in terms of its weariness to align itself with overt political ideology [aside from the fact that the exhibition was politically counter to the government with funds it]? Are culutral institutions barometers of state of politics in their given nation? Was it wrong to retain Gilbert's orginally intended wording? In Gilbert's resignation letter he states that “[o]ne should have no illusions: until capitalism and imperialism are brought down, cultural institutions will go on being, in their primary role, lapdogs of a system that spreads misery and death to people everywhere on the planet. The fight to abolish that system completely and build one based on socialism must remain our exclusive and constant focus.” Is this true? If so what is the role of those believe this? Is there a possibility to both navigate the institutional infrastructure and work outside it?

Gilbert's position as an individual brings up an entire other set of questions. Is it better to refuse the institutional framework? Is it more productive to take a more tactical approach by promoting such ideologies within the institution, as Gilbert had been doing in the past at both MATRIX and Baltimore Museum of Art? Which is the more ethical decision? Would it have been more effective had Gilbert resigned in solidarity with a group of others who felt the same way, rather than an individual act?

Continue reading to take a look at the beginning of paper proposal regarding this topic

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NOVEMBER 4, 2006 6:12 PM

Everything in this place is only forty cents! When we traveled to Providence via Canada I developed a small donut/pastry addiction from stopping at Tim Horton's more than a few times and in Providence it was Dunkin' Donuts. After the trip my donurges subsided, but now having this place around the corner - pastries everyday!

The bakery is directly across the street from my train station, near the corner of California and Milwaukee. When you get there you have to grab a blue tray and some tongs and then you just grab what looks because nothing is labeled. My favorite thing lately have been these pineapple empanada type things. It's like a cookie filled with pineapple jelly. So good!

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NOVEMBER 2, 2006 1:20 AM

In response to beezy's November Blog Challege, I have decided to blog daily about my neighborhood daily for the month of November. [I am making this post at 12:17 AM on Nov. 2, but I will consider it Nov. 1].

Every morning I walk down Shakespeare St only to cross this very road, California Ave ...

... in order get on that train via the Blue Line California stop:

Most often I am taking the train to school. Due to the fact that most of my classes are from 6 PM - 9 PM, I don't have opportunity to make dinner and end up getting burgers from Little Mel's. $1.99 gets you a BIG burger and fries:

Starting tomorrow, I intend to do an in depth profile of people and places in my neighborhood daily.

Anyone heard of VAS Foremost!?!?!

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