DECEMBER 29, 2006 6:02 PM

I finally physically installed a new hard drive into my ibook, but I am still waiting on some start up disks so I can put an OS on there.

I leave for Riga, Latvia on Jan. 6 - so I am hoping it will be running smoothly by then. I've been emailing with some people in Riga that Nina met while she was there last spring. They run a hostel called Singalong. Some people from the school have a packed itinerary for us including a visit to Andrejsala, an artist "island," and the future home of the new Riga Museum for Contemporary Art designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas.

After about a week in Riga, we will be going on to Budapest, Hungary for another week and another packed itinerary meeting with the Minister of Culture, museum and gallery directors, etc. I have also been emailing with HINTS, an artist group from Budapest. They invited us over for dinner and will show us around their studios.

I am hoping to have this dumb computer fixed before I leave in order to blog the shit out of this trip.

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DECEMBER 10, 2006 5:22 PM

Gilbert's replacement has been announced, Elizabeth Thomas a graduate of MA Art History program at the School of the Art Institute - Chicago.

I have finished putting together a bit of my research regarding Now Time Venezuela and Chris Gilbert, but haven't really come to any conclusions. I think it is important to consistently push both the boundaries of curatorial practice and consider different ways to navigate both the institutionalized world, as well as those worlds which are developing [or will never develop, but always exist].

I mention both Nato Thompson's ideas concerning an alternative, or "radical," infrastructure to support work and ideas that may be too tactile for Museum or are counter to institutional frameworks, as well as Brian Holmes ideas about re-thinking and re-working existing structures.

Continue reading this entry to take a look at some of the research --

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