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SEPTEMBER 8, 2007 1:35 PM

Since I've been back in Chicago (one week now), I've been trying to find a part-time job for this upcoming year. Scouring idealist.org, school's career development office and craigslist.org - I've been spending more time looking for a job than working on things that really need to get done. Over the last week I've developed four different versions of my resume based on the four different job types I've been applying for - and have sent out about 20 different cover letters.

I was most excited to see this post on chicago.craigslist.org,
"quickly growing chicago based dot com needs dependable and organised, intelligent mac user to assist in a number of duties. the perfect applicant would have graphic/web design experience, excellent communication skills, mac based software proficiency, highly creative and resourceful. business is currently home based with off-site warehouse. you would work from home and have virtual and on-site meetings."

Work from home!? Virtual meetings!? Sounded super flexible and right up my alley. So I sent an email, very informal - no cover letter and the simple version of my resume. A day later I got a reply, it started out like:


Many thanks for your response to my craigslist posting. The projects i am working on are constantly evolving and deal mostly in the arts, both commercial, fine and erotic. I am building my business steadily and somewhat slowly so as to not become overwhelmed."

Hmm, sounds like it could still be promising - but "erotic"? I continued to read:

"Please go to see my ebay store. I can explain more of what needs to be done to create an independent website, representing artists, reselling high quality garments and other things. Really, what i do is rather complicated and is difficult to describe in an email."

Hmm, still seems like something I can do - nothing too weird, but WAIT:

"Finally, i also work in the adult film industry. You naturally would not have to be a model, but certainly be tolerant of some pretty colorful characters. Mostly i work in the distribution of films and related products (it's sure a lot more interesting than my old sales job). However, i have been in a film and will be in some others for a rather specific audience. Naturally, I keep the businesses totally separate and you would not need to tell future employers about this - i realise it's not everyone's cup of tea. Your work would include the handling of graphic materials."

Whoa, porn star!

Needless to say, even despite encouragement from friends, I did not reply. On Monday I received a couple of phone calls, and I have two interviews next week. Both jobs require clothing.

Seriously? Why not?

Kevin | September 9, 2007 2:55 PM

I'm currently looking for a part-time job here in GR and i was thinking that we would have somewhat of a similar experience so far, but yeah...hehe. this is crazy. anyways, good luck finding a job.

Brad | September 11, 2007 9:43 PM


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