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SEPTEMBER 10, 2007 5:42 PM

This past Friday Green Lantern Press and Three Walls released a book entitled PHONEBOOK: An annul directory for alternative artspaces. The book is a directory of artspaces all over the country organized by region.

The project is described by Caroline Picard of Green Lantern, "At a time when it is increasingly difficult to produce and support independent networks, as independent presses, labels, magazines and bookstores find it struggle to stay afloat, alternative gallery spaces thrive. Perhaps because these projects tend not to rely on commercial income, they reflect vibrant and often idiosyncratic communities and artistic practices. Generally these communities are self-contained and self-reflexive, appealing to particular sub-sections of local interest." [read the rest].

It sounds like they will be releasing a new directory each year and they encourage you to submit information about your own artspace or ones you know of. The directory is accompanied by about 10 pseudo-biographical essays about why people choose to create and take part in independent infrastructures by people like Michelle Grabner of the Suburban, Daniel Tucker of AREA Magazine, Phillip von Zweck of VONZWECK and myself where I discuss InCUBATE.

Not only is this an inspirational little booklet, but it is the ultimate tourist guide. I wish I had this directory this summer while driving through small town New York, Massachusetts and Vermont.

The book will should be available on Amazon by next week or you can order directly from Green Lantern Press [or probably get in from Quimby's].

P.S. The DAAC is listed in it!

yes! I am so excited to read this! Also to see how much crossover there will be with the All-Ages Movement Project:


george | September 11, 2007 7:52 AM

You might want to check out
as well. I know Daniel Tucker is involved with that as well.

JPW | September 13, 2007 2:19 PM


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