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NOVEMBER 14, 2007 1:03 AM

Thesis time. The time I have been in graduate school has gone so fast. One more semester. Finish thesis. hopefully on time.

While doing research for some InCUBATE projects, we started to notice similarities in the artist's work that we were drawn to; work not in the sense of the Art they made, but in the work they did to support their Art.

We are in the process of attempting to better articulate these similarities through a traveling exhibition called Other Options, which looks at the work of artists who are re-interpreting, altering and creating infrastructure that affect their everyday lives and in particular their artistic production. Further, in an effort to understand the reasons why all these projects and modes of working are happening simultaneously, I have taken up Other Options as part of my thesis research.

The photo at the top is of Gordon Matta Clark, Carol Goodden and Tina Girouard standing outside of their restaurant called, simply, FOOD. The image is from an advertisement from Avalanche Magazine in the fall issue of '71.

FOOD was restaurant which employed mostly artists - according to this ad from '72, 84% were artists (and 708lbs of fish were fucked). It's here that I am starting to draw an art historical context for Other Options, looking at the reasons and forces behind these artists to start a restaurant as both a gathering point and an economic support structure for working artists; allowing them to have flexible schedules to attend to preparing for an exhibition or leave town for a gig.

he looks like you schaafsma

juan | December 11, 2007 1:48 PM


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