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Jul 05
Summer Re-cap
Micah Walleye

We're so joyful to be home in Michigan!  The summer was savage.  For the cougar man in Ireland- you know what we mean.  Thanks for the wetsuits.

The Listeners - Mole and the Ostrich/These Train Tracks
Book Printing

The book is very close to completion.  It is bound, and in our hands.  Just waiting on the vinyl pressings- which should arrive very very soon!  Stay tuned for details about how to pre-order! 

New Music
Summer Recording

We are really excited to share some new instrumental music we recorded for a modern dance/theater production honoring the life of Michigan printmaker and poet Gwen Frostic.  "Chaotic Harmony", playing this Saturday and Sunday (August 27 - 7:30pm and August 28 - 3pm) at The Meeting House of the Congregational Summer Assembly (Frankfort, MI) will feature recordings of these new songs.  This is a free event with donations welcome. Come on out!