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Jul 05

The great Michigan Tour with Little Wings heads north with this last week finding us in every amazing little corner southern Michigan has to offer. 

Up next, we head to the Keweenaw.

Tomorrow!  The Listeners / These Train Tracks will finally be released - 12/6/2011 on RAD.

The book is currently available at these great stores:
The Booksmith - San Francisco, CA
Horizon Books - Traverse City, MI
Higher Grounds Trading Co. - Traverse City, MI
Quimby's Bookstore - Chicago, IL
Hymie's Vintage Records - Minneapolis, MN
Matter Bookstore - Ft. Collins, CO
Rough Trade Shops East/West - London, UK

The songs will be available (digitally) through eMusic, iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, and Google Music.

For anyone interested in receiving their book by the end of the month,  please order by December 14.