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January 24, 2012
Fig. 1.24 - Sunrise over snowy pines near the highest point in Grand Traverse County, MI.

We're excited to embark on this next tour with Laura Gibson, starting Feb. 3rd in Portland, OR! Our route includes a southerly traverse of the west coast, followed by shows through the desert southwest,Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and back west across the Rockies to Utah, Idaho, and finally Washington. We'll be toting along the few remaining copies of our latest release, The Listeners / These Train Tracks.
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Tour Dates Located Here
December 5, 2011

The great Michigan Tour with Little Wings heads north with this last week finding us in every amazing little corner southern Michigan has to offer. 

Up next, we head to the Keweenaw.

Tomorrow!  The Listeners / These Train Tracks will finally be released - 12/6/2011 on RAD.

The book is currently available at these great stores:
The Booksmith - San Francisco, CA
Horizon Books - Traverse City, MI
Higher Grounds Trading Co. - Traverse City, MI
Quimby's Bookstore - Chicago, IL
Hymie's Vintage Records - Minneapolis, MN
Matter Bookstore - Ft. Collins, CO
Rough Trade Shops East/West - London, UK

The songs will be available (digitally) through eMusic, iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, and Google Music.

For anyone interested in receiving their book by the end of the month,  please order by December 14.   

November 7, 2011

Going out to tour Michigan at the end of the month with Little Wings.

Date info here.

LWBoB Dates 
October 3, 2011

Two stories in a single canvas-covered volume that reads from the outside covers inward, ending at the center.  There, a two-song 70 gram 7" vinyl inside a hand-cranked copper block printed sleeve.

Stories written, illustrated, carved, and printed by Micah Middaugh at Cavern Lantern Wonder Welding (Jordan River Valley, Mich.)

Songs by Breathe Owl Breathe

Pre-Order The Listeners / These Train Tracks
RAD006 | 12.6.11
September 9, 2011
Day 3: VHS

Visual healing stimulation, welcoming visitors.
Cassette Canyon
September 8, 2011

Day 2: Chicago Winds

The unavailing of Roofis Witherspoon 87 to 83.
Player/Coach/Director - wave stream revealer
Wave Rider
September 7, 2011
We're taking a short trip through the midwest and east central lowlands with two great bands: the Fruit Bats and Vetiver: 4 shows, 4 days.

Day 1: sand voyage phenomenon
August 25, 2011
Summer Re-cap
Micah Walleye

We're so joyful to be home in Michigan!  The summer was savage.  For the cougar man in Ireland- you know what we mean.  Thanks for the wetsuits.

The Listeners - Mole and the Ostrich/These Train Tracks
Book Printing

The book is very close to completion.  It is bound, and in our hands.  Just waiting on the vinyl pressings- which should arrive very very soon!  Stay tuned for details about how to pre-order! 

New Music
Summer Recording

We are really excited to share some new instrumental music we recorded for a modern dance/theater production honoring the life of Michigan printmaker and poet Gwen Frostic.  "Chaotic Harmony", playing this Saturday and Sunday (August 27 - 7:30pm and August 28 - 3pm) at The Meeting House of the Congregational Summer Assembly (Frankfort, MI) will feature recordings of these new songs.  This is a free event with donations welcome. Come on out!
June 24, 2011

The Spielgeltent was amazing, thank you Cork.

Up next we venture to Paris, Vendome, Madrid, and Barcelona with Little Wings.  From there we all head back to Ireland for Clonmel Junction and Earagail Arts Festivals.  All shows are listed HERE.

For more updates while we're out - visit the Tumblr
May 3, 2011


It is finally the first week of May and Cassette Canyon is off the road and resting for the next 25 days. 

During this time of rest watch for new tour dates as they make their way to the calendar, added this time around are dates in California, Oregon, Ireland, Spain, and Michigan.