Podcast Now Available
Published: April 18, 2009 | | Submit An Inquiry

Dear Readers,

     As you might have noticed, for each entry on Chivalry there is a short list of recommendations meant to supplement each response.  Something I try to keep consistent across the board is providing a playlist of ten songs relevant to the question being asked.  Newly added to the site is the ability to "podcast" each playlist.  You can still stream the audio in your browser by clicking the play button directly above the track list.  But now, should you want to download the collection of songs into your iTunes, simply click "Subscribe To Podcast" in the upper right column. 

     I'd also like to thank everyone who has written in so far, I appreciate you sharing your questions and I hope that the answers have been helpful.  And to anyone looking to send in a question you can click on "Submit An Inquiry" to fill out a form and remain anonymous, or you can also email directly to: dearchivalry@gmail.com

     Looking forward.