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Artist: Matthew Muschiana
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Only One Way To Find Out
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Dear Chivalry,

     For almost two years now I have been invested in a wonderful friendship with a wonderful girl.  A girl that I have had a wild crush on since day one.  The friendship has definitely grown far beyond the childishness in which it started and the crush definitely stays on the back burner almost forgotten, but still, I find her on my mind more often than not.

     Just recently she broke the news to me that she is moving in the next month.  Like seriously moving.  Far far away.  Now... this situation has basically been my life story.  I find myself heartbroken by unrequited (or so I think) crushes that begin in a few beautiful days spent together and end forever in me or the girl leaving the city after only just meeting and I never have the courage to speak up about it.

     With this particular girl, I have always wanted to love her as more than "just a friend" but at the same time I have always told myself (mostly out of fear) that what we have now is perfect, so why ruin or complicate it with "romantics".  But as her departure nears I feel more and more that something needs to be said.  I am getting way too nervous about what to do!  Is it worth it to risk our current relationship with last minute airport pleads or do I live on, knowing that I let another wonderful girl leave my life with no question...

     How do I get out of this pattern of falling for girls that I have to say goodbye to the next day?


Dear Reader,

     All you have to do is tell her how you feel.  Simple as that.



Post Script ~

     At first I wrote a long, drawn out, rambling answer, but in the end decided it was all completely redundant.  You can break the pattern you described right now by being honest and direct with this girl before she leaves.  I'm sure it won't be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

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Moonglows, The - I Knew From The Start
Crystals, The - Oh, Yeah, Maybe, Baby
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