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Published: November 30, 2009 | | Submit An Inquiry

Dear Chivalry,

     I live for moments of intense consciousness.  I enjoy sunsets, crisp fall walks when the noise of the leaves under foot loudly documents each step, a first kiss, the long wait for the second... slightly more passionate kiss, the feeling of the water around my body as I float face up during a night swim.  I continue to search these things out blindly.  To hold onto them and consider them the true treasures of life.

     Obviously,  the drudge of day or the downtime fills in the majority of the rest of the time.  The sweet things in life are sweeter because of the rarity of their presence.  Is the answer to seek a dulling of the sharp intensely real moments and thus de-emphasize the down time... let alone the darkly bland times?  The idea that mediocrity is more bearable than to search for the truly beautiful.  Or do I continue to wander and hope for that which is unattainable?

Yours Truly,

Longing Lover of Life

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Dear Longing Lover of Life,

     Here's the good news: you never have to become accustomed to mediocrity.  Anything can be beautiful, if you pay attention.  There is no shortage, no scarcity, so don't start rationing your enjoyment.
     It seems to me "the sweet things" and "the drudge of day" are subjective categories and needn't be mutually exclusive.  The vibrant and the dull are not some binary star, orbiting but never touching.  In my experience, "moments of intense consciousness" can seize us at anytime, even in the midst of routine.  I worry that you may have built up your wandering search for beauty and created a false struggle.  Or is it, as you suggest, that you love the struggle most of all? 

     It might be enough to simply acknowledge the grand metaphor you've chosen and bear it in mind as you live your life.  But frankly, I think you'd do well to reject the dualism of mediocrity and beauty.  And if some things are truly unattainable, then I suspect we are made better in reaching for them.




Wyndham Lewis - End of Enemy Interlude
Cotton Candy - A Sentimental Song
Raccoo-oo-oon - Invisible Sun
Pyramids - Sleds
Stag Hare - Crystal Dust Dream
Kixly - Aura Dell 'Arcobaleno
Marcel Duchamp - La Mariee Mise A Nu Par Ses Celibataires, Meme
Kría Brekkan - Solush
Mick Turner - There's A Great Burning Red Moon Rising On The Lake
Kyle Bobby Dunn - Miranda Rights

Book: Annie Dillard - Mornings Like This

Film: Le Scaphandre Et Le Papillon