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DAAC TRAAX Episode 4 - April 2010: The "Stacking Euros" Edition

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The fourth episode of DAAC TRAAX, an audio calendar of things coming up in the next month here at the DAAC. It broadcasts live on 88.1FM WYCE here in the Grand Rapids, MI (and on the internet) at midnight (EST) on every last Friday of the month. Then we stick it here for your podcasting delights.

This month was a little different because it reflects our new broadcast schedule. We'll now be doing this thing on the last thursday/friday of the month.

It's also the last day of WYCE's bi-annual fund drive. WYCE is trying to raise enough money to erect a new antenna to get the signal to the lake shore. Could you imagine? DAAC TRAAX on the beach? We were going to edit out all the asks, but decided to leave them in as a reminder of what WYCE does for the local music community and the DAAC, and as a reminder of how we can help. It's never too late to throw WYCE a little DAAC TRAAX love by donating to the station online:

This episode covers the month of April 2010, and includes the following hot TRAAX:
Flying Without Wingz - DAAC TRAAX Theme (Grand Rapids)
Jes Kramer - Heartland (Manistee)
Lovestranger, MD - Pavlov's Daughter (Kalamazoo)
Past Lives - Hex Takes Hold (Seattle, Wa.)
Air Waves - Sweetness (Brooklyn, NY)
Paul Baribeau - Ten Things (The World)
Radiator Hospital - Out The Door (Grand Rapids)
Victor! Fix The Sun - Blind Man's Bluff (Grand Rapids)
City Center - Teardrop Children (Ypsilanti)
Julianna Barwick- Untitled 1 (Brooklyn, NY)
Helado Negro - Dahum (Brooklyn, NY)
The Juliettes - Drive You Home (Ypsilanti)
The American Dollar- Second Sight (Brooklyn, NY)
Bad Words - Actually, I have the Opposite of a Problem (Chicago / Greater IL)
Good Teeth / Gold Teeth - We Are Bound Together, All Of Us, By Suffering Even More Than Joy (Grand Rapids)
Harley Poe - Gordon (Kokomo, IN)
NICE NICE - Uh Oh (Portland, OR)
Flying Without Wingz - Rappin' on the Rapid (Grand Rapids)
Caspian - Malacoda (Beverly, Ma)
Lights At Sea - The War Come Home (Grand Rapids)
A Billion Ernies - The Existentialists Apprentice
A Name For Ourselves - As Good As You (Grand Rapids)
Warp 51 - Big Radio (Grand Rapids)
Astro Bats - Arc (Grand Rapids)
Minnesota - White Teeth, White Feet (Grand Rapids)
Flying Without Wingz - DAAC TRAAX Theme (Grand Rapids)

Check out the DAAC's calendar of upcoming events for more details about everything we mention in the podcast.

Special thanks to Kevin, Matt, and especially Kyle at WYCE for letting us do this thing. WYCE is the greatest little community radio station on the planet, and is a proud service of the Community Media Center. They're the best!

Tune in for the rulin'ist next episode of DAAC TRAAX on Friday, April 30th, midnight EST (Thursday Night). See ya then!

Episode 4 - April 2010

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