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June 23, 2005

My F(r)iend

I've had a pet rat for nearly 2 years now. Her name is rat, and she bites. Most people probably think i was being stupid and trying to be ironic or post modern by naming her rat. This is false. I named her rat because she bites. She's always bitten. Rats aren't supposed to bite. According to all i've read, and all previous rat experience rats are super nice, super smart pets. Mine is not. So i named her rat because i was going to take her back, but then i'm sure they would have killed her and i didn't want that to happen. so "the rat", which is what i was calling her because i didn't want to name her for fear of getting too attached before taking her back, became just "Rat". And over these 2 years we've become good friends. For awhile i thought she was planning my death at night because of the loud sounds she'd make by moving her boxes and things around. She wasn't though. She's actually a pretty good pet aside from the biting. She has a personality all her own, and we get along pretty well. I don't really think of myself as her owner so much as her roommate. Sure i feed her and clean her cage and give her water, but if i let her loose she could do these things on her own. We co-exist. and really when i'm very sad, rat is there to listen and who could ask for a better friend then that.

Posted by kyle at June 23, 2005 11:54 PM


I'm telling you, you let that rat loose for one second and you won't have a face.

Posted by: alexander at June 24, 2005 2:38 AM

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