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August 11, 2005


I've been moved into the new apartment for a little over a week now. I like it. I was sad to see that skip did a good job of cleaning out the place, i was really hoping to find some hidden piece of one of his various collections (underpants, my little pony, barbie, porn, lps, tacky paintings, g.i joes). But all i found was a said little note written on the wall. Which says somethings like "It hurts, but i don't want anyone to know it hurts and here i am telling you" It was written really lightly and was impossible to read, and even more impossible to take a picture of. I also noticed alot of notes written on one of the cabinets in the kitchen, but those are faded beyond possible recognition so i can't even read them. Other then that nothing but a thumb tack was left. There is a board in the closet which has been screwed down, so i plan on seeing what is under that sometime soon, once i clear all my stuff out of the closet. My favorite part about living in a new place is seeing what former people have left.

In other news i transferred over my dual enrollment credit from OCC, my BA waiver finally went through, and i passed the writing 305 test, and so in the most uneventful way possible i have finished my undergraduate studies at grand valley.

Posted by kyle at August 11, 2005 5:00 PM


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