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February 3, 2006

Fun things about moving home...

I've been home for over a month now, and though it does feel kind of weird to be home, there are some good things.

I get to hang out with my little brother, who I think is pretty cool most of the time. Though admittedly his obsession with air-soft weaponry of the Soviet Russia can be a bit frightening.

My mom does nice things for me, like offering to buy paint for my room and shelves and such, and giving me her van.

I get to eat essentially free, and I get home cooked meals on occasion. Which is pretty awesome.

I have cable television, and though it does suck up a ton of my time I can watch Mythbusters every Wednesday at 9pm and that is pretty great.

I have my own room, which is something I put alot of value on.

Free high speed internet.

Being surrounded by the materials of my youth. Which includes the following lego Minifigs which I found last night while going through my Legos.

I'm a big fan of these guys and I'm hoping to make a much larger army of them, so if you have any of these imperial soldier minifigs let me know.

I also found this...

I think this guy was a cereal bonus, I think he might have been the enemy of the smacks bear guy, though I can't really remember. None the less he is pretty awesome.

So being home is pretty good, and though I am still unemployed I do have a promising interview tomorrow at Cartridge World where I will refill printer cartridges.

Posted by kyle at February 3, 2006 1:04 AM


And you really should get in touch with me sometime.

Posted by: Luke at February 3, 2006 4:56 AM

I have that same little robot man at my parents house, and for years i've been wondering where it came from. I've always thought it was pretty awesome.

Posted by: ryan at February 3, 2006 9:41 AM

I thought I posted something saying that that guy is from Cap'n Crunch but it isn't showing up. That website has some fun info and, I think, some commercials featuring the little fellow.

Posted by: Anthony at February 3, 2006 10:56 AM

yeah, that's the sogmaster! and i loved those spanish caribbean lego guys.

Posted by: kevin at February 3, 2006 11:45 AM

I'm living at my parents house right now and my life sounds remarkably similar to what you described: Legos, Mythbusters, food, internet. All except for the Sogmaster. Never had one of those.

Posted by: kevinb at February 3, 2006 5:56 PM

MythBusters kick arse; and I do mean TOTAL arse!

Posted by: Lilly at March 1, 2006 3:43 PM

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