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July 17, 2006

Items Collected

The longer I have this blog the more and more I've come to realize it's theme, collecting. I collect a lot of things. Collecting is an important part of my life. I once read this interview with Dan Clowes where he said:

I think you should be able to look at somebody's stuff and it really says something about them, their aesthetic. Often I look at people's apartments and I think, "Well, you have this stuff because other people have this stuff." I think, "This stuff just doesn't quite have it." I know that the things I have, every single item on display, has personal meaning, some undefinable quality; each item is something that I need to look at every day.

That is a feeling I also have. I surround myself with items that inspire me, items that convey who I am. There is a thread that runs through most everything i like. The books and comics i read, the movies i like, colors i like, clothes, toys, cars, music, art... everything. And though these things do not define my personality in the strictest sense, they do help to define who i am.

So in the spirit of this blog I present 5 items from my toy collection:

This is my 1966 Charlie Brown doll. I love the peanuts, but i'm very picky about them. I hate peppermint patty. i don't like talking snoopy, i'm not a fan of bi-ped snoopy. I like early peanuts, the earlier the better. The art was better and the content was much darker. i should mention though that i think even at it's worst peanuts was better than nearly all modern comic strips.

I love toast. I love toys. I love cute things. I really like japanese stuff. This toy embodies all of that. I'm a sucker for anthropomorphization. Making toast into a guy is perfect. plus it came with some sweet tart candy.

An old plastic monster. I really love monsters. this toy could be 40 years old or it could be 6 months old. that is something i really enjoy. Timelessness. This toy isn't tied to any franchise. i'm guessing this toy has been made for the last 40 years from the same mold in china somewhere.

I love felix the cat, his bag of tricks is awesome. I really liked him as a kid, there were a few cartoons of his that they made in the 80's and a really great movie. Later during college I grew to like felix again after taking a histroy of animation class. Anyhow my brother gave me this toy. It combines alot of things i like: wood, old timey-ness, interactivity.

I don't love Mickey Mouse, i like him. I love goofy and donald, and if found these kinds of toys for those characters i'd get those too. This toy is cool though and it goes well with felix. In a fight felix would win though, Mickey lacks a bag of tricks. This is a newly made version of this toy, but i'm guessing this toy has existed since walt figured out merchandising.

So there we are, 5 examples of toys from my collection. Once when George was pestering me to blog more often i said to him "yeah but i hate just posting pictures of the things i own" to which george replied "at least that is something" I guess that it is.

Posted by kyle at July 17, 2006 9:39 PM


The top two are great. I feel the same way about the Peanuts.

Also: "I'm a sucker for anthropomorphization" made me very happy.

Posted by: Luke at July 18, 2006 4:14 PM

Nice toys! The quote you posted is great, and I see what it's talking about everyday when I work. People have such boring houses full of useless, meaningless junk and decoration.

Posted by: Cory Weaver at July 18, 2006 10:14 PM

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