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September 12, 2006

What I've been reading

I've been trying to fix my blog up a bit here. I've got some plans.

One such plan is add a spot of my recent additions from my library-thing account to a small box somewhere over to the right. Which would sort of ruin posts like the following one, but I'm ok with that because I love library-thing.

Anyhow. What have I been reading lately?

(starting from the left. Making Comics, [top row] Super F*ckers 3, Keeping Two 1, Uptight, [bottom row from left] Suckerpunch, Tales of Woodsman Pete, Keeping Two 2, Mome Spring/Summer 06)

Making Comics: Is great. I am a big supporter of Scott McCloud. He is a rather polarizing figure in comics. His comic theory and ideas about technology have made many artists angry. I still like him. I think this book is as good if not better than Understanding Comics. And like Understanding Comics this book really goes beyond comics and dives much deeper, in this case into story telling. I think this book would help anyone looking to tell stories in a visual medium, film, animation, comics.

Super f*ckers: James Kochalka is pretty great. I like American Elf alot, I read it every day. Some of his other fiction is hot or miss, this is pretty great though. It is sort of a fake superhero story about heroes that aren't very super. It's mostly just fun. He says faggot and fag in the book alot which is sort of off putting, but I'm not huge into being politically correct or anything so I looked past it.

Keeping Two 1 and 2: Jordan Crane, I love him. These aren't as good as his longer works, but it is pretty good. The style is sort of different from his traditional approach. It is about life and death, which is a theme he touches on a few times in his work. The story is actually ended in....

Uptight 1: Uptight finishes off the Keep Two story line and starts a new one about motorcycles and death. Fantagraphics put this out and the book itself is really cool. The whole thing is printed on what seems like thick newsprint, including the covers. Like I said I love Jordan Crane and now that he has this series I can look forward to a semi regular output from him.

Suckerpunch: Jason Robards, not the actor, did this mini comic. It is pretty good. They cover style is total Dan Clowes and the content is similar to earlier Clowes, pretty angry. I like it. I met Jason Robards at Chicago Comic Con last year a bought a print from him of some yeti's in the mountains. When I saw he made this, I bought it right away.

Tales of Woodsman Pete: Lilli Carre is an "up and coming" artist. This book compiles the 3 issues of her mini comic of the same name. The stories are pretty fun. Especially the one when pete chops his beard off. She has done some work online for the Top Shelf website. Other than that I think this is all she has done, but I'm looking forward to any of her new work.

Mome Spring/ Summer 06: This is a great anthology series. It includes Sofie Crumb, Jeffrey Brown, David B. and a few others, my favorite artist in the series by far though is Jonathon Bennett. He did like 2 minis before doing Mome, but man his work is awesome. I hope he puts out some of his own stuff, even if he doesn't his work in here is awesome.

It might be more accurate to call this, What I've been buying. Now that I've discovered how to order books from member libraries online I just treat it like it's amazon or something, I browse the comics subject and just click the place a hold key and wait a few days until the library calls telling me my books are in. I love the library.

Posted by kyle at September 12, 2006 12:47 AM


Have you looked at Alan Moore's thing on writing comics? It's interesting at least, and only $6. What's a list of your top books to get? I need some new stuff to look at.

Posted by: mark at September 13, 2006 1:01 AM

i wish i could read more. I simply dont have the time, and that makes me sad. I use to read tons of books....

Posted by: docbeezy at September 14, 2006 11:29 AM

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