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November 7, 2006

Slow Blogging Me

I have not figured out how to manage my time. You would think that college, if good for nothing else, would have at least taught me time management. This is unfortunately not the case. I have negelected nearly everything in the weeks since I began my job. There is no reason for this. All I do is work. And only 40 hours a week. And I get weekends off. I do commute over 2 hours daily to and from work. Even so this leaves usually a full 4 to 5 hours with which to read, blog, work on comics, think of cool stuff, watch movies, and yet I do none of these.

I hope to change all of this. By implementing GTD or "getting things done" the work of David Allen. Productivity nuts treat this book like the samuri treated the Art of War, it is that good. Actually I don't know if it is that good, I myself have never read it. But I've been reading about it for years. Mostly on blogs like lifehacker. I know alittle about the system the book outlines and it seems simple enough. Take everything you've got to do write it down and put it in a bucket. Take an item out of the bucket, read it, if you can accomplish the task on the paper within a few minutes then do it. Otherwise file it. Do this until the bucket is empty. Then go do the longer, filed stuff. Seems pretty simple. But I make all sorts of promises to myself that I never seem to keep. But using free time effectively seems like something worth putting forth the effort for.

So assuming that I keep the promise to myself. I hope to blog here more, especially video blog. And I hope to complete my comic which I am always talking about but never following through with. I did buy a new sketch book and that seems like step one towards the comic....


Posted by kyle at November 7, 2006 9:32 PM


is this kyle vernier formerly of highland, mi?
more specifically formerly of heritage farms drive? more specifically the house on the corner with the huge trampoline?

if so, hello.

if not....i don't know.

Posted by: john at November 9, 2006 1:07 AM

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