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October 17, 2007


Last week Audrey and I went to Washington DC for the annual Small Press Expo and a vacation. I would consider this to be the first real vacation of my, so-called, adult life. I'm 25. Sad. I know.

Washington DC is really nice. I felt oddly patriotic while walking the National Mall. In my past I was an extremely patriotic youth as a member and, shortly, adult leader of a Boy Scout troop. Being in DC brought back a lot of those feelings. It might have been that the last time I was there for any significant amount of time I was attending the Boy Scout National Jamboree. Honestly being in our nations capitol, ridiculous thing it is, made me have hope for the future. Which is odd because things now are most probably the worst they have been in my lifetime. But DC inspires hope, this hope often comes in the form of expertly chiseled granite and stone.

DC is also of course filled with museums. We visited our share. Including Air & Space, Natural History, Postal, Health and Medicine. The Health and Medicine museum is awesome. It is on the grounds of the Walter Reed Army hospital, armed guards check your ID and bag and intimidate you about your photographic devices before you even get on the grounds. It really gets you ready to view all of the deformed baby fetuses, ancient prosthetics, bullet shattered bones, children skeletons, hairballs, Victorian medical equipment and complete lack of other patrons. It is really worth going to, it is filled with gross-out wonders.

SPX was awesome, Anthony come out to look at all of the indie comix. I got alot of stuff including two books by Jeff Lemire, who is pretty great. Also the new Jason book, I Killed Adolph Hitler. And some other stuff. I also went to a few panels, which I like. One about the state of the comic strip which I found interesting. After SPX Audrey, Anthony and I went to Yuan Fu Vegetarian the best eatery in recorded history.

Sunday Anthony took us to some flea markets and showed us around a bit.

It was a really great time and I look forward to future vacations.

Posted by kyle at October 17, 2007 9:58 PM


That sounds like a lot of fun! I need to do my first ever 'real' vacation sometime. I guess you could could my trips to KAFI and ConClave, but I dunno. I need to do something out of state that doesn't involve my parents or family in some way. I did go to DC myself back in May, but that was more for my grandmother's sake than my own enjoyment (I did have fun though).

I'd like to go to SPX at some point, since I guess I'm kinda in the small press biz myself.

Posted by: Daniel J. Hogan at October 23, 2007 2:25 PM

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