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February 20, 2008

Indie Indy

Raiders of the Lost Arc

That is a torrent file. What you get once you've downloaded it. Is something pretty great.

A few years ago I was reading about what Dan Clowes, comics artist and former Grand Rapids resident, was up to. He had recently just signed on to write the screenplay for a movie, based on real life, about a group of boys so inspired by Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc that they spent eight years doing a shot for shot remake of the story in their homes, backyards and surrounding area using a home video camera. That torrent file above leads to that movie.

I'm not sure if Dan Clowes is still working on that screenplay or if it will ever get made. But the whole thing reminds me of Be Kind Rewind. Which I'm sure most everyone knows is the new movie by Michel Gondry. Which has had a fairly huge marketing campaign behind it. One of the coolest parts of the marketing is the idea of Sweding. Which is basically remaking something you love on your own. It is sort of like doing a cover of a song you really love. Which is something I've always really loved. And I always wondered why this wasn't a more popular thing to do. When I first started playing in bands we learned how to play together by playing our favorite songs together. After graduating from film school I've always thought the coolest project would have been to recreate a scene from one of your favorite movies. Just de-construct and re-construct something. I'm not really sure why it isn't universal. It is a popular thing to do with jokes, you hear a great joke from your favorite comedian, and you might retell it, tailoring it to your needs. Yet trying to paint the Mona Lisa is considered something for hobbiests or hacks. Really weird.

Anyhow the Raiders remake has been getting a lot of press lately, I believe it recently showed at SXSW.

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