By Lydia on January 25, 2008 10:07 AM| | Comments (1)
As anyone working in the food service industry knows, times are hard for restaurants. The post-holiday winter is bad enough typically, but this year is the worst anyone has seen in a very long time. Its increasingly difficult to get people in the door, and when you get them there they arent spending like they used to. This means more surprise days off on every schedule. This week, I took advantage and drove down to Chicago to see my friend Courtney. Courtney and I have been friends for a long time, in many ways she and I have had the kind of formative relationship that sets the bar for every one subsequent. We have one of those "sit around, watch tv, eat lunch meat from a bag" kind of friendship. I've realized that that is a good blueprint for future liasons. In any event, when Courntey says she is throwing me a dinner party she really means, "cook for my friends!" but in a charming way. I like to cook, so I guess the only problem here is that I get incredibly nervous before parties, also, I like to have a beer while cooking. This means that by the time guests arrive I am in a sort of blathering way. Fortunately, Courtney's friends do the same thing, so by the time there are 4 of us there, this one woman is dawwling," Beeenn, I just wann a stoooodio." This got me thinking about space. These kids in Chicago can get so spoiled, expecting a million restaurants, a million shows, and public transportation that goes everywhere. But they cant get a studio. We are lucky to be in a city where just being some dude you can afford a rehersal space. I'm spoiled on space. Not sure now if I'd want to go without.

For one night we were spoiled on you making us dinner! I am going to learn how to cook you something better than lunchmeat out of a bag and we can have a dinner party with plenty of beer and fewer U of C trivia 'where is he now?' questions. The deadline for this dinner/picnic will be Wheatland 2008. Also, your phone charger is delayed because the post office closed at 3-- somehow I assumed 5 and by the time I was there it was too late to find another one. Agh. Sorry.