India Town
By Lydia on January 31, 2008 5:21 PM| | Comments (3)
I admit it, I am a bit of an indiaphile. I do a fair amount of indian cooking, I own a salwar kameez, I've technicolor reveries about indian street food. And as a former, some might say veteran waitress at Bombay Cuisine, I won't really eat there. This means my trip today to India Town, which you may know as India House, was long overdue. Herm and I switch on and off buying lunch when I work, and the "what do we eat" conversation usually goes "XO? Maggies? Grand Central?" Herm tries to give me his order which is always moot, cause I know exactly what he wants anywhere we go. When intern-Sam was with us I knew his order too. I'd make a great personal assistant. On the phone with India Town I didnt know what was on the menu so I asked for a masala subzi-ish dish, and the guy says "how you know subzi?" I told him, and when I got to the restaurant he called me "Miss Bombay Cuisine." Then we had a lovely little chat about how Balwinder sucks and how their lamb is much too salty. I may or may not have indulged in a movie too. The meal was pricy, but thats sort of my fault as I ordered too much naan, not realizing it was $2 each. I was happy to see how veggie meals were $8.99-$10.99 instead of $15 like at Bohemian Cookout. The whole ride home in the car I sang "yum yum yum, yummy yummy food, gonna eat it all, gonna eat it soon," etc. I was so excited I missed the exit and had to fuck about with Pearl. Food was quite tasty. I had a chicken Vindaloo which I would have been more pleased with if it had a more pronounced tamarind flavor. As it was, it lacked a clear tartness that I look for in a vindaloo. Its color seemed pale as well, more like a tomato-based dish. The chicken and potatos, however, were tender and well spiced. Herm's veggie curry was great, with a fresh and distinct vegetable flavor and a cohesive sauce that bound it pleasently together, and an appealing dose of cumin. Lunch today was one of the most satisfying meals I have had in weeks, and hungover as I was it was a bit like god smiling and petting my hair, telling me everything was going to be ok. And later I get to watch Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and sing along in broken faux-hindi. Cant wait. Free Image Hosting at

I had six customers visit Michigan from India for almost thee months of training. They arrived in December, which was problem enough seeing that snow and ice were new to them. But most interesting was that they brought all their own spices and staples with them, because Indian food is "the best food in the world" and they saw no reason to try anything else.

You're a maniac, Lydia--entertaining, too.Have you been to the Earthen Jar in Ann Arbor? It's Indian food buffet style, so you can take little bits of everything, and pay by the pound. Cheap.

i love that place! i havent been in years, not since josie was in school. i wish we had that kind of demand for ethnic food here!thanks for reading!