San Chez Christmas Extraveganza
By Lydia on February 3, 2008 11:32 AM| | Comments (4)
OK, I know that women bemoaning their body issues in public is so over. Suffice it to say that buying clothing isnt really fun anymore, but a trip to the supermarket is a holiday. So dress shopping for the Chez christmas party was pretty much hell on wheels. Still, I sucked it up and went, because to miss the party would have been silly. I mean, who wouldnt want to get all dolled up in their fresh and finest T.J. Maxx threads and eat crab legs and (surprise!) flavored mayonaise with all their favorite Chez employees. My first mistake was my choice of date. I should have brought the little sis. Instead I brought a "real date," a matter which got complicated when two of my friends decided this week that they want to be my boyfriend. So they are both hurt that I have a date, and decide to go to the party together. Currnet total, 2 suitors 1 date, and guess which of the three isnt interested. So we sit and eat. Food was passable to lousy. Noodles with peanut goo masquerading as pad thai, breaded shrimplets, spring roll. I was too nervous to eat much. I did manage to drink, though. Its nice when you ask what kind of beer they have and the reply is "everything." Also, that "last call" means you can have 5 beers. That kind of open bar is the only saving grace of a work party with a boy who doenst like you. The night was full of shame (me,) crying (not me,) tramping through feet of snow in heels (me again,) and a 5AM drive home. I drowned my sorrows in a bowl of lentils and rice, and some late-night Buffy the Vampire Slayer watching. Making the same mistakes over and over is my kind of evening. More to the point, its my kind of year. On the plus side, lentils and rice is a wonderful one-pot meal full of fiber and protein and is delicious when seasoned with cumin and dressed with plain non-fat yogurt.

I'm on an omelet diet, using only eggs scraped off my face. xo.

what does that even mean????i got the charger. thanks so much! i am a spaz!present to follow!

um, having egg on your face? i'm not totally sure what i even meant. i've moved on to caramelized pineapple.

let's be thorough,everything is delicious when seasoned with cumin.