Sunday Dinner?
By Lydia on February 9, 2008 11:40 AM| | Comments (0)
Since last Sunday night at approximately 5:30 AM my car has been stuck in front of my house; stuck in ice and plowed in since. Among my current hassles are walking to and from work and bar, not hanging out with anyone who normally depends on me for rides (thanks a lot guys,) no trips to the grocery and not going anywhere that isnt within walking distance. Hence, the lentil episode of last week. Once I through those out the window it was on to my last can of tomatos. Then that was gone, so last night i made tuna-noodle casserole. Seriously old style, with cream of celery soup. Because apparently the only things I cook are Piles of Glop. Big, moist gobules of mush. I am turning into a friendless goon who sits at home eating gummy casseroles from the halcyon days of 50's Betty Crockerism. Tomorrow I'll probably end up defrosting a roast. If anyone would like to come for Sunday Dinner, all I am asking in exchange it help putting my kitchen table back together! Roast, anyone? I have potatos too! Nice 1950's family Sunday Dinner. I'll wear an apron and heels.