Another Side of Lydia
By Lydia on March 15, 2008 12:32 PM| | Comments (3)
This blog has gotten away from food a bit. For more about Lydia's social life refer to

to let you know, that link just directs somebody to their own myspace blogggggg.

whoops.. i meant to say. go to, and then go to my blog.thanks for the technical support, pheobs.

Sandwiches are the king, or my king, too. Thanks for your list. My #1 sandwich is also my #1 meal ever, better even than the caviar omlette at the Russian Tea Room,circa 1979, or even the newly caught Pacific salmon cooked over charcoal stuffed and stuffed with a tomato and bread stuffing, around 1967. That sandwich was a lobster roll from a shack that sold only that, on the coast of Maine, summer, 1982.