HopCat III
By Lydia on March 13, 2008 12:37 AM| | Comments (1)
Another wednesday, another evening in the upstairs section of the HopCat, bitching about glassware and the green lights that hit you in the retina. Some blonde was shrilly exclaiming "I'm blonde, I've got big boobs, I'm so hot I can do anything I want." Which sucks when you've been rejected times in a row, and you're starting to plan your appointment in the dye chair at the salon. But I'm not complaining about myself tonight, so I'm confined to comments about the fancypabst (thank you r.v.) and the mean bartenders who ridicule you for ordering beers in the wrong glass.

I can't help it, I like Kolsch style beers because they don't taste much like anything other than water someone told to taste like grains. They aren't "good", but they are a nice palate cleanser. A well made Kolsch is PBR or any other mass produced lager, but with the shitty taken out.Noel