By Lydia on March 8, 2008 2:23 PM| | Comments (0)
I threw a party last night. I think it went ok. Not too many people came, and I liked all of them. The food seemed to go over well, people never cease to be amazed by homemade crackers. The hummus and all the brownies got eaten. I was displeased with the consistency of my caramels. They were much too gooey and I ended up sticking them in the fridge. The samosas got eaten too, but I don't think the chutneys were too well liked. I made cilantro and tamarind, and I thought they were good. I'll end up eating them on sandwiches I think. If this is the worst post ever, its because I drank too much beer and now I feel like I drank way too much beer. I love hearing that people read this, but the more people I know read it the less I can write about.