Chicago Part 2
By Lydia on April 9, 2008 4:43 PM| | Comments (0)
After dinner, mid-groan stuffed in the backseat of Courney's car we went on our way to Surprise for Real. We stopped for warm clothes, and drove to the Brownlands. Around downtown there is a huge open field, brushland. The story is that some middle-eastern businessman owns the land, and is waiting to develop it. It is bordered on one side by railroad tracks, on another by the river, and three sides form a panoramic view of downtown Chicago skyline. You're not supposed to be there, and sometimes dodging security guards is necessary. We drove most of the way into the field, Courtney blindfolded in the backseat, toward orange lights in the distance. We led her out of the car into a circle of masked faces. There was drumming and shrieking and people all around. It was chilly and clear. I walked to the river and there were geese. A railroad drawbridge permenantly up was silhouetted against the sky, and people kept talking about how they knew someone who climbed it.