Chicago Parts 3 & 4
By Lydia on April 13, 2008 11:44 AM| | Comments (1)
I think that one of the best parts about being a houseguest, or having a houseguest, is that breakfast out is pretty much required. Most days I make myself toast, or more accurately, a faux-fast food breakfast sandwich that I should never admit to liking. (It has Kraft singles in it!) Houseguestdom, though, brings with it the responsibility of providing a the uncommon indulgence of breakfast treats I will never make for my single ass. Pancakes, french toast, waffles, pastry of any sort, frittatae, hell, I won't even make omlettes if left to my own devices. Though, part of that is that I just don't really love omlettes. In Chicago with Courtney there were plenty of options, but we decided to go to Treat, at 1616 N. Kedzie Ave. We were competely intrigued reading the online brunch menu, by the vaguely indian/global versions of traditional midwestern breakfast food. The restaurant was so nice and cheery. Their walls were yellow, and the waitress was that really adorable curly-haired type where she's too quiet and you have to ask her to repeat everything. I wanted coffee, but I am really stingy, and I couldn't justify paying $2.50 for a cup. Also, I have issues with caffiene and have to really budget my one cup a day. Courtney had Masala French Toast, and I ordered Pakora Pancakes, which was described as a cross between (surprise!) pakoras and pancakes. Dissapointingly they were three huge heavy chickpea-flour pancakes, which were dipped into a good cilantro chutney, and a boring tamarind chutney. The spicy fried mashed potato cake I got on the side was waaaay better. I wished I'd had two. Courtney's french toast was delish too, all fluffy and covered in good spices, and it came with "chai syrup" which I think was sugar syrup with caramel color and cardamom added. Whatever, it was tasty. I managed to eat almost one pancake before feeling all full and beaten, and asked the shyest waitress ever to box them up. I had this idea that I was going to eat them later, as some sort of pakora pancake cheese sandwich. Ahhh, hubris. The sandwich was never made, pancakes left to fuzz in Courtney's fridge. Post-breakfast we were both so full we drove off groaning, "oh god, we aren't eating any more all day!" I love the fact that Courntey has a car. I mean, yeah, Chicago has good public transportation, but when I am on one of my all-too-rare mini-breaks I don't want to fuss with waiting for buses. I want chauffer service. It was sunny and lovely, and Courtney and I almost went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, but there was no parking, and we ended up going back to Courtney's apartment and drinking strawberry daquiris on her stoop. We even had curly straws! Here is a picture of me and Courtney at the Party City:

is frittatae the plural of frittata?

next time in chicago, you should go just a bit south from Treat and get some chicken at FEED.