Scary Dinner: Passover Edition
By Lydia on April 21, 2008 2:08 PM| | Comments (2)
Passover is the best holiday ever. Its like thanksgiving with better food and cooler traditions. Exodus is a cool story. The seder glosses it over, but keeps the highlights. Lydia's Favorite Seder Rituals 1. The 4 cups of wine 2. The 4 questions, as asked by a 6 year old: Its been a long time since me or my sisters were that cute. 3. Singing the juvinile Amy Frank version of the beracha over bread in garish faux sincerity with the sisters 4. Dropping 10 drops of wine from the glass to signify the lessening of joy because of the 10 plagues upon Egypt 5. Making charoset 6. My dad pointing, asking "What is the meaning of this pesah?" 7. Making the traditional passover sandwich 8. Call/response religion without going to temple. 9. The traditional drinking and gagging over the Mad Dog I really do love being Jewish, and I am happy to not feel like I have to believe in god, or subscribe to it wholy in order to find meaning in its parts. One of my greatest ties to Judism is the food, duh. This passover my mother, grandmother, aunt and I made roast chicken with prunes and olives, brisket, mashed potatos, asparagus, charoset, maror, gefilte fish, and bananas foster. Yum.

I've always celebrated both Christian holidays (thanks Dad) and the Jewish variety (hi Mom), and I'm slightly embarrassed that I've never really reflected much on what each mean to me in relation to the others. Holidays always seem to keep my mind thinking about family and relationships between people more than anything else, so much so that I tend not to dwell much at all on the reason we get together in the first place.Anyway--bored at work, reading your post, and remembering dinner a few weeks ago--I realized that the holiday is most definitely my favorite. I realized that there's no time machine in the world that's more effective than my Aunt Joyce's brisket and mashed potatoes. As I take the first bite, the passage of my life appears. It becomes so clear--my whole life has been nothing but a search for hidden matzo. Nothing but a front door swinging perpetually open. Come in Elijah; come get your buzz on.

awsome! thanks for reading my b-l-o-g. i just read your lj post about the dandelions, way to sadden up my day. kidding.