Palace of India Part 2
By Lydia on May 16, 2008 11:44 AM| | Comments (1)
I was invited out to dinner today by some charming gentleman friends. Actually, they called me when they were at the restaurant looking at an empty seat, and I am having a hard time being genuinely flattered. But call me they did, and I turned off Charmed and raced over like a silly little girl to the Palace of India for Episode 2. Palace of India seems like god's gift to ethnic food in Grand Rapids. Finally I can turn my back on Bombay Cuisine for good. Its like when you get dumped by your boyfriend and the next guy you date is really really hot. You sort of want him to find out that you can get your kicks somewhere else? I feel like writing Mysoginist Bal of Bombay a taunting greeting card with the Palace and I on it making out. I ordered an old Bombay standby, baingen bhurta, or mushy eggplant dish, with a standing agreement with Andrew to share his saag. I must say, the Palace's menu is huge. The appetizer list dwarfs Bombay's and Taste of India's, and there are far more vegetarian options than at either. This pleases me to a funny extent. I am an unapologetic meat eater. I have admitted that I don't understand veganism. In most indian food, though, the meat is the least interesting, delicious part! We got paneer pakoras and samosas for starting out with. I didn't really care about the paneer, but then, I wouldn't. The samosas were ok, but I like mine better. All the food was awsome. My eggplant was really fresh tasting and it had a great texture. Let the record state, though, that when I ordered "somewhere between medium and spicy" it came out decidedly mild/medium. Spicy it is from now on. The naan was not great. Half of it was too thick, re: doughy, and the other half was burned on the bottom. Dissapointing, but tandoors are tricky, and this isnt really damning. I can see them improving over time. Ooh, guys I really like this place!

hi lydia,

nice to meet you the other night at founders, and nice to see your blog. yeah, palace of india... so strange. the naan i had was fantastic, also i ordered "medium" and it had quite a kick. eh... unpredictability has it's appeal. i really like palace too despite the horror stories people keep telling me. i think i like the menu food way better than the buffet, which i felt was a bit inferior in terms of quality. i'm so into palace.