Pho Soc Trang & the Birth Of Pedicoat Junction
By Lydia on May 1, 2008 9:58 AM| | Comments (3)
Lunch Wednesday was a good day for food. George and I got in my shambly car and make the trek to the Far South to scope out any and all pho options. We drove up and down S. Division between 28th and 44th twice or three times (carbon emissions be damned, we're doing research here!) pointing out places and stopping evey now and then. Hey, what's that notice on the door of this one place? Condemned by the city? Ok, we'll go somewhere else! We ended up at what George calls "Gateway Pho" also known as Pho Soc Trang, a part of this mall-like conglomeration by 42nd. He admitted under his breath that the name refers to how there are usually more white people than Vietnamese eating there at any given time. The restaurant was typical in decor, lots of bright wall hangings in a flourescent-lit space with bare tables and fish sauce. I got the house special (I figure its special for a reason) and George ate of pho with "brisket well and rare." When it came we both doctored it to personal specifications; George goes light on basil and hot sauce, I'm more heavy-handed on both. Actually, my broth ended up orange, but it looked a lot spicier than it was, allowing me to play tough. We each had a boba-tea milkshake thingy as well, and as George seemed excited about taro I chose the same. Turns out taro tastes like puffed corn. In a good, if confusing way. Its always funny eating with someone new. George seemed concerned whether I would think it bad manners to drink broth from the bowl instead of using a spoon. Slurp away, George! Color me unconcerned with consumptive niceties! We went after lunch to the grocery connected to by way of scary hallway to the Trang. We both kind of geeked out, George with different sorts of tofu, me with dried anchovies and "intimidating vegetables." Shopping exhausts me. Birthday Ice Cream I drove home to meet Esther for 18th birthday ice cream. Happy Birthday again, duck! We went to Sweet Connections on Cherry, right across from the Green Well. I was so full I got a blue slurpee. Es got frozen yogurt of the "tangy" variety. This is a newish thing in Grand Rapids, though its been popular on the coasts for a long time in the guises of Pinkberry and Red Mango. The yogurt was odd at first, almost too thick and creamy. I think I'll have to go back to see if i like it. Don't ever get the slurpee, eek. Ice cream done, we drove downtown to the Van Andel Museum. Though it was 4:55, they let us in to ride the carosel, and we ran like crazy people to get on. Best sister birthday ever. We went home, post-ride, and kind of exhilirated, to watch Fox Network situation comedies on my bed. Then Esther went off to a school function and I rode the moped to Founders for a meeting of "Pedicoat Junction." Free Image Hosting at
Pedicoat Junction Troy and I have been riding around, and we decided we need a name. Wednesday it was as above, tomorrow who knows? We are so cool our name is fluid. We had a couple and rode around for a while. There were stops and ping-pong involved. Long story short? Founders sandwiches are amazing. Troy and I shared a "Big Easy." I remember olive spread. It was warm, a little spicy, and they gave each of us a pickle. I definitely went on for a few minutes about the pickle, how it straddled the perfect balance of vinegar and crunch. Went home happy.

Great blog, Lyxia! I love your use of language... quite entertaining. I'm hungry for Pad Thai now for some reason...AquariusGuy - PLM

thanks love! I appreciate you navagating here!

my favorite part of working in a restaurant is that i get to have restaurant pickles whenever i want.