Public Pulse/Beer Tax
By Lydia on May 30, 2008 12:53 PM| | Comments (3)
From my Father's blog at

"Now that the MI Republicans have weighed in for the summer gas tax holiday, it's time to propose a more meaningful alternative:

Summer Beer Tax Holiday

Seeing that no one can afford to take a vacation anyhow, why not a roll back on the beer tax? or maybe just a roll back on beers made in Michigan? Say Yes to Bells, Founders, New Amsterdam, Shorts and all the other fantastic breweries that are serving up an incredible range of Michigan beer!"

Granted, I think he meant "New Holland" not "Amsterdam," but wouldn't that make this, like, the Best Summer Ever? And what a way to stimulate some great local businesses. 

And, P.S. My dad's blog is a great page for anyone interested in Michigan politics who hasn't the energy to root actual news out of the GRPress. 

MI has the best beer in the US. A tax break would certainly make this an even better beer-haven!

It is like we are in this amazing beer rennaissance! It is the best time ever to be a beer drinker, especially in MI. Whoo!

Lydia, I'm glad you put this on G-Rad! Yet an other reason that I should be reading more than just the forums every day...