By Lydia on June 6, 2008 10:28 AM| | Comments (4)
Ive spoken before of the excitement I felt learning that Grapids is home now to two indian places, and two ethiopian. I must express my surprise that only after reaching this marker did we get our second sushi place within downtown! Sushi-Yama is located underneath Beaners(?) that garish-orange wannabe Starbucks on the corner of Pearl/Monroe/Monroe Center, don't go there expecting it to be something more than sushi in a basement. 

To be honest, I love this development. Morado is so pseudo-fine dining sushi, with the waitresses and the dark wood tables. Sushi-Yama looks more like a cafeteria, with flourescent lights, cheap tables and a counter barely the length of a bicycle. This is Tuesday Lunch Break sushi, and I am in favor of any push to have more sushi more times. Special occasions be damned. 

Herm and I each ordered a "Lunch Special C," billed as a California roll and 9pcs. sushi. When I picked it up, a Vertigo customer was working the register, and the guy making the sushi had made an extra roll for "Jake's friends." I like anytime I feel like a VIP.

I am not one of those people who say "it is impossible to find decent sushi in Michigan." Maybe my palate is less discerning than other people's (ok, this is a fact, and I have been known to eat peices of tuna at work that were deemed "too veiny" for use in seared tuna. I eat them raw, with my fingers.) So maybe I am not the expert on good vs ok vs bad sushi. That said, the lunch was great. I never expect to be full after eating sushi, but this was plenty of food. The sushi was one peice each of eel, tuna, salmon, shrimp, and that white fish. Now, this is not exactly nine peices, so I dont know why it was advertised as such, but it was delicious. Wasabi, soyu and pickled ginger accompanied, but I guess that is implied. 

I really hope sushi-yama makes it. You should all go see them. Prices seem fairly typical, rolls go from 4-10 depending on fanciness. Lunch Special C will run you ten bucks. Non-sushi fare is very limited, but they do say they have mochi!


Ostensibly. It said they did on the take-out menu!

Hey Lydia, just for completeness there are more Indian Restaurants in the area if not in GR proper.

Taste of India- 4445 Breton SE (I remember not really liking this place so much but I know some people who swear by it)

India Town 3760 Division SE (This place is great. I heard they might be the owners of the new Indian place on Fulton?)

Understood, I am excited because I am bound my moped-distance. There are lots of sushi joints if you're counting surrounding areas, too.

The Palace of India is owned by the guy who owns Spike & Mikes and about 13 other convenience stores in town. He owns the building and after seeing so many restaurants fail there he decided to try it for himself.