By Lydia on July 27, 2008 6:08 PM| | Comments (4)
I remember summers when I was little. I'd find my mama at midnight listening to the Talking Heads, standing in her bra over a bubbling cauldron. She makes jam, salsa, pesto, freezes corn, and pretty much makes winter delicious. It always seemed a little magical, but it turns out to be absurdly easy!

Ted and I went down to Mr. Post's farm in Rockford and picked a bunch of raspberries and a pint of currants. I got a million bug bites, but I felt charmingly pastoral, so it was worth it. Jam-making is essentially boiling the hell out of fruit and sugar. Some people add pectin, a fruit-derived gelling agent, but I don't like stiff jam. Currants are very high in pectin, anyway, so their presence makes the jam hold firmer than berries alone. The only real trick is to No Burn the Jam, which is much easier when you make use of a $5 Family Fare candy thermometer.

X cups berries, or chopped fruit
1/2 X cups sugar
1/2 a citrus squeezed

Mash. Stirring A LOT, heat on med-high until sugar melts. Turn to low and cook to 220-224 degrees F, stirring somewhat. Should take about a half-hour on low. Put in jars that are Very Very Clean. Not necessary to refrigerate, but if you have room do.

It was delicious.

Hey Lydia! I love Post's Farm. I've also enjoyed reading your blog at 4 a.m. I guess I'm just a sucker for stories about food.

josh! thanks! nice to hear from you. are you living in town now or still in france?

I'm back in town in the East Hills neighborhood. It's been about two months now and am habituated again to life here. Well, it'd be nice to see you at some point.

cool. write me on the internets if you wanna hang.