Sick Day!
By Lydia on July 22, 2008 3:52 PM| | Comments (8)
Well, I am nearly post-sick. Yesterday I was a crumbling husk of lady, with aches and tears and whines. I had to go home from work, and my boss threatened me and made me cry. I spent the day sleeping and violently waking up in hacking coughs and pools of snot. This morning my mama brought me ginger ale and took me to the doctor. Diagnosis? Strep throat and bronchitis. Fuck you low-level Chez manager. I am bringing in my doctor note and filing a complaint against you, you arrogant, harassing dick.

I always feel better when I get a diagnosis (and free, high-potency sample antibiotics,) I think because I am so used to near-constant, psycosomatic, anxiety-driven symptoms which are typically incurable. I love a good bacterial infection for its detectability and ease of remedy.

In any event, I am at the point this afternoon where I am still achey and coughing and mucus-riddled, but in good spirits with hope of health. I am sick, however, so I am allowed to lie in bed watching television and drinking soda. I am permitted ice cream (for my sore throat) and pizza delivery (as I shouldn't have to ride my moped to the grocery ill.) My mother brought me multiple kinds of juice; goat cheese and an avocado, and cherries from the farmer's market.
I think  fruit is good for illness. Do any of you have favorite treats for when you're feeling poorly? 

Hey Lydia, if your throat is really really sore (and I know this sounds gross), but I always have luck with a tablespoon of Cayenne pepper and a warm glass of water. Mix them together and gargle for 30 seconds to a minute. It's not as bad as it sounds, and it has always expedited the healing of sore throats in the past for me. Have fun watching "The Price is Right"on your sick day, and I hope you feel better!

awesome! does this totally burn your mouth????

ok! it totally fucking burns!!! my whole mouth/lips/sinuses burn! are you supposed to get it in your sinuses? probably not, i am just an inept gargler?

ginger and fresh garlic with honey in warm water. repeat 100x a day. i like cayenne in this, too, and it does burn like crazy. so, that + a lot of sleep. good to go i no time.

hiya, lydia. check out this thread. lots of fun ideas, including my favorite super spicy onion, garlic, broth supen lieben.

ok, i tried this, but i cannot detect the ginger/garlic at all. it just tastes like water. thats probably just because i have lost my taste buds, though, because i cant taste the 2 teaspoons of honey i put in either...

spicy broth... yummm....

i dont actually expect anything besides the antibiotics to make my infection go away, so mostly i meant "what do you like to eat when you are sick that are indulgences, or things you normally dont like but in this case you do?"

like... i dont care for ice cream usually, but when i am sick i love it.
or... when i am sick i like to drink port (totally bad, i know, and mama I am not drinking it this time maybe it is more of a winter-sick thing)